Divine Delights Cake Boutique Price List

Wedding Cakes are priced individually, as per your order request/needs




 (10 slices)


 (20 slices)

Death by Chocolate Cake R380 R480
Chocolate Romany Cream Cake R380 R480
Dark Moist Chocolate Cake with Coffee Syrup One size only R480
Coffee Cake R380 R480
Vanilla Cake R360 R460
Vanilla Nougat Cake R380 R480
Vanilla Flake Cake R380 R480
Peppermint Crisp Cake with Caramel R390 R490
Orange Cake R380 R480
Lemon Cake R380 R480
Lemon Turkish Delight Cake R380 R480
Granadilla Cake R380 R480
Rose Pistachio Cake R390 R490
Carrot Cake R380 R480
Hummingbird Cake R390 R490
Black Forest Cake R390 R490
Peanut Butter Cake R380 R480
Red Velvet Cake R390 R490
Lemon Velvet Cake R390 R490
Hazelnut Velvet Cake R390 R490
Lavender Velvet Cake R390 R490
Rose Velvet Cake R390 R490
Orange Velvet Cake R390 R490
Black Velvet Cake R400 R500
Coconut Cake R390 R490

(Made with a butter & cheese crust)

Mini Bite Size

Price for 12


Price for 1

Smoked chicken & Peppadew R100 R350
Biltong & Cheese R105 R380
Ham & Cheese R100 R350
Salami & Peppadew R105 R380
Asparagus R105 R380
Spinach & Feta R100 R350
Spring Onion & Feta R100 R350
Camembert & Sundried Tomato Pesto R110 R380
Blue Cheese & Pear R110 R380
Balsamic Onion & Tomato R105 R380
TARTS 28cm (20 slices)


Granadilla Pineapple Tart R390
Turkish Delight Tart R390
Peppermint Crisp Tart R390
Melktert R230
Peanut Butter Cream Cheese tart R420
Fridge Cheese Cake with berries R480
Baked Cheese Cake with berry topping R480
BarOne Cheese Cake R390
Lemon Meringue Tart R390
Honey & Pecan Baked Cheese Cake R490
Lychee Tart R480

(Meringue baked & rolled in the shape of a Swiss roll with filling)



Roulade with fresh cream & seasonal berries/fruit R390
Roulade with peppermint crisp filling R390
Roulade with Turkish Delight filling R390
Roulade with black forest filling R390

(Price will be determined by detail, flavour and decoration)

R15-R30 per cupcake

(Sold in dozens per flavour)

Chocolate / Choc mint
Red Velvet
Hazelnut Velvet
Lemon Velvet
Rose Velvet
Orange Velvet
Chocolate brownies (mini) Platter for 20 R390
Chocolate Fudge (mini) Platter for 20 R390
Cream Puffs

(Eclairs filled with Chantilly cream and drizzled with ganache)

30 Puffs R350
Velvet Sandwich Cookies 20 Cookies R350
Rose/Coffee/Vanilla Meringues 24 R220
Fresh Fruit skewers with Chantilly cream dip 20 R350

Catering and Cocktail Menu



Cocktails for 25 – 500

guests and more

Open or closed cocktail sandwiches

Bruschetta with toppings

Mini savoury pancakes

Mini cheese cups with savoury mince

Mini meatballs with dip

Chicken wings

Cheese platter with fresh fruit, preserves & biscuits/bread

Parma Ham & Melon Skewers

Vegetable fritters with dip

Savoury puffs with a variety of filings

Mini Quiches

Fig and Brie skewers

Crudités with cucumber yogurt dip

Fillet steak crostini

Smoked salmon & avocado bites in choux pastry shells

Smoked chicken & red pepper crostini

Moroccan lamb koftas on rosemary sprigs

Boboti balls on a skewer

Crostini with fillet steak and onion marmalade

Salmon & cream cheese puffs

Savoury cheese cups with mince

Prawns marinated in a lemon dressing on a skewer

Variety of mini quiches

Chicken Satay skewers

Cucumber cups with cream cheese filling                      .

Caprice Salad skewer

Melon & Parma ham skewer

Salami & apricot rolls

Rump steak skewers

Fresh farm bread


Classic Salmon Puffs

Boboti Mince balls

Grilled Beef Bruschetta with whole grain mustard

Herb flapjacks with smoked chicken filling

Basil pesto marinated mozzarella & cherry tomato skewers

Salami cream cheese rolls

Marinated Olives

Croissants with a variety of savoury fillings

Savoury waffles with variety of toppings

Savoury Flapjacks

Cheese grillers with sweet chilli dip

Tower of cheese with biscuits, fresh fruit & preserves





Make up your own selection from the list and we will give you a price per head








Make up your own selection from the list and we will give you a price per head










Make up your own selection from the list and we will give you a price per head




(Bring your bowls and we will fill them)

(Or R25 additional per tin foil dish supplied by us)

10 Portions
Beef Lasagne R580
Vegetable Lasagne R520
Traditional Chicken pie with puff pastry R580
Beef Curry R580
Lamb Curry Price on request
Thai Green Curry R550
Bobotie 580
Roast Beef in Creamy gravy R580
Honey Mustard chicken pie with phyllo pastry roses R580
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with feta R550
Pancakes filled with mince and smothered in cheese sauce R580


(Choose any 2 dishes below for R50 per head)
Creamy butternut bake with baby marrows & mushrooms
Potato bake
Roasted butternut with sundried tomatoes & feta
Stir fried green beans  & mushrooms with garlic butter
Warm baby potatoes with pesto & feta cheese
Pumpkin fritters
Creamy Lemon Mash Potatoes
Sweet potatoes with caramel & orange rind
Broccoli & Cauliflower with cheese sauce
Green beans with onion & smash potatoes
Roasted vegetables with olive oil drizzle
Cous Cous
Brown rice
Wild rice
Basmati rice
Black Thai Rice
Cooked Wheat
Pap & Tomato gravy
Yellow/Savoury Rice
SALADS (When available in season) Price per head

(10 guests or more)

Avocado, Strawberry & Cucumber Salad R38
Watermelon & Feta Salad R38
Greek Salad R380
Cous Cous Salad R42
Beetroot Blue Chees & Mayonaise salad R38
Ruby Coleslaw R38
Traditional Coleslaw R38
Pasta Salad R38
Potato salad R38
Baby Potato salad with whole grain mustard dressing R38